IT Consulting

Nationwide remote management and on-site support (in select areas) for workstations and servers, Slate Technology can manage all of your organization's IT needs.

Business Process Improvement

Custom software development, whether small scale scripts or large applications, can improve the speed and efficiency of your business operations.

Disaster Preparation

Make sure your business is prepared to avoid crucial downtime, with services ranging from standard backups to off-site redundancy, we'll help make sure you're covered.



Founded in 2013, Slate Technology serves some of the largest legal firms on the Gulf Coast. A full service IT group, Slate Technology strives for excellence in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is our core value. From from non-profits to Fortune 500 legal firms, our clients have learned they can depend on Slate for forward-thinking solutions to tackle any technology challenge.

Mikey Harvey

Lead Consultant

Mikey has nearly ten years of experience working with technology, focusing on areas in e-Discovery and computer forensics as well as computer security and networking issues. He spent almost 5 years running the research and development operations for Avansic, a computer forensics from Tulsa, OK. During this time he appeared as a speaker to present his work at the yearly DoD CyberCrime Conference, High Tech Crimes Investigators Association (HTCIA) Conference, and was published in the Journal of Digital Forensic Practice . His work ranged from developing new techniques for PDF and file system redaction to recovering forensically useful information from magnetic backup tapes.

In 2012 he moved to New Orleans, where he oversaw the technology for the plaintiff's trial team in litigation related to the BP Oil Spill. Following the Phase 1 and Phase 2 portions of the trial, he started Slate Technology to address the needs of law firms and other professional organizations in New Orleans and all over the country. He brings leadership, years of experience, and an approach to problem solving for his clients that sets him and his team apart.

Recently relocated to Central New York, Mikey continues work with existing clients all over the country while overseeing the expansion of services to this area.

Matt Theriot

Network Engineer

Matt was deeply interested in building and fixing computers growing up, and worked as a computer technician while attending the University of New Orleans for Computer Science. Skilled at fixing computers from a hardware and software standpoint, he also developed his networking skills administering small offices. He later worked with the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee during the BP oil spill trial. The case, which involved the biggest litigation database in history, presented many unique challenges from a technical standpoint. He and Michael Harvey started Slate Technology shortly after the trial, to pursue the prospect of self-employment and the freedom to develop new ideas. Contracting IT consulting, specializing in the legal field, Slate Technology has grown in size, scope and capabilities.

Matt works closely with firms in the Gulf South as the primary consultant in this area.


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